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01 January 2013

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We're proud to admit, we're a LITTLE different.

While other operators rely on market demand to fill car parks, we make it happen by following a unique and flexible system that draws out the maximum opportunity from every site. The entire car park is an opportunity; not just the dedicated parking bays.

We call our holistic view the Secure System.

It's the result of a 'hands on' management approach from a company committed to creative innovation.

Since 1979 we have researched, adapted and fine-tuned this formula. We believe that parking is a 'product' that can be dynamically marketed to end-users through the car parks that we operate. We've invested the time to look at our car parks and our array of products, in a different way. How can we add further value to a building, shopping centre or hotel? What are the services that end-users really want?

How can we help?

In the real world, only a few sites have everything going for them. For instance, you may have good access in a bad location or bad access in a good location.

Because location and accessibility drive our industry, Secure Parking packages products in a way that best reflects the needs of the individual property. This philosophy allows us to manage yields effectively to achieve the best possible outcome for both site owners and ourselves, as car park operators.

It is this flexible approach that separates us from the conformists who dictate policies and mindlessly enforce them. You don't have to conform rigidly to a set of rules cast in stone. It's individual tailoring that maximises return on investment.

Of course with higher sustainable parking revenue, comes a higher net worth for your property. So not only do we work harder to give our partners higher incomes, often the bonus is a higher capitalised value for your building too.

Our system not only allows for flexibility, but has been designed to embrace it. And it works. That's why we regularly deliver revenue increases in excess of 30 percent when we take over a car park.

If your organisation could benefit from turning your parking area into a profitable service centre, look no further than the car parking industry leader ... Secure Parking.

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